Learning from each other. Growing faster. 

What does it feel like to have total support to grow the practice you've only dreamed of?

Dr. Mike DiTolla sat down with Smile Source dentists to discuss an issue that nearly every dentist faces at least once in their career, but almost none of them will have the candid guidance of their peers to help them make the best decision. 

This free podcast lets you listen in to what happens every day across the country in Smile Source peer groups. 

If you have ever felt unsure or alone when you were faced with a major decision about your practice, you need to listen to this.

Smile Source

“Times are changing, our profession is changing. When things change you have to have a plan. Smile Source is a game changer when it comes to protecting and preserving independent dentistry.”


Outpace The Competition

Smile Source practices consistently grow faster than the industry year after year. Sharing best practices and peer-to-peer learning are key to the success of our dentists.

Unsurpassed Buying Power

Enjoy unmatched saving opportunities from industry-leading vendors to offer best-in-class products and cutting edge technology for your patients.

Education For You & Your Team

We offer hundreds of educational courses annually with the support of our vendors to help you grow your practice.

Actionable Marketing Tailored for Your Practice

Smile Source provides strategic marketing and branding tools, best practices, and a support team to help you drive brand awareness and attract the right patients for your practice.

"Smile Source supports private practice dentists with benefits that previously were only found in large group practices. By providing everything from continuing education to marketing support, Smile Source has quietly grown to more than 600 locations across the U.S. Because of their size, members are able to leverage their collective buying power to negotiate savings with top dealers, manufacturers, and labs."